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Fenner Dunlop presented a new development. iBelt is a technology allowing to track the condition of conveyor belts in real time. The product has already been assessed by coal-mining and other industrial companies..


Fenner Dunlop is the largest company in the world, manufacturing conveyor belts used in mining and other industrial sectors. The enterprise has a large base for innovative design, development, manufacturing, and technical support. Fenner Dunlop has been on the market for 60 years and has become one of the most popular suppliers of conveyor belts and related products and services during this time. The company has 12 production departments in 5 continents: the belts are manufactured in Great Britain, India, Southern Africa, and Australia in accordance with the same high standards.

iBelt is one of the new developments of Fenner Dunlop. This is an intellectual system for monitoring of conveyor belts and systems that allows to guarantee maximum control of their condition and provide manufacturing efficiency.


For example, you need to know the current belt condition to define when it needs to be replaced by the new one. For this you just need to enter the online data base under a special access – all the necessary information is there. iBelt allows to track effectively the position and condition of conveyors located over and under the ground, and to track belt maintenance history. Using the system, you can define the location of each roll: where it is located geographically, in which production area and on which conveyor; what type of conveyor belt and its current condition. The system allows to manage the conveyor during its whole life cycle. You can plan conveyor’s repair so that production downtime is minimal, and thus effectiveness of enterprise’s performance rises, costs control is provided, and maintenance expenses are reduced. The system database allows to sort and filter equipment according to different parameters, it means there is an opportunity to provide analytics of conveyor complex condition.

iBelt options:
• belts stocks and dispatch control;
• defining of belt type in the roll;
• defining of roll location;
• belt condition and wear control (whether it became narrower in width or in other places).


Each roll of the belt has integrated electronic chips. They are connected with the database, containing all necessary information about the belt. The database can be accessed from any computer or device connected to the Internet. The system works in real time mode, and any updates are accessible immediately after synchronization. It is also possible to learn all necessary information about conveyor belt on site. For this purpose, manual scanner is used, which should be directed towards the object, and the data will be output.


iBelt is designed for application at different industrial enterprises: in coal-mining, warehouse companies, at ports and cargo terminals, at any production facilities, in agricultural sector. Belts with iBelt are used for transportation of coal, metal products, stones.

Fenner Dunlop low-tension belts, manufactured in accordance with customer specifications, are suitable for application in different conveyors, including bucket elevators and similar units with tension limits. The company manufactures conveyor belts on special orders for use in certain units, therewith Fenner Dunlop engineers are ready to help the customer to choose a belt and covers.


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